Spring, 2016

What’s new? The grading system of maple syrup! In January of 2015, the federal government passed a flavour-guided international grading system. It was too short notice for us to implement all of the changes for the 2015 season; therefore we made the change with just our darker, stronger maple syrups. However for 2016, all of our maple syrups will be converted to the new international grading system. What this means to you:

Old Name New Name Best For
Canada #1 Extra Light Canada #1 Light Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste The lightest syrup with a smooth, subtle maple flavour Flavouring whipped cream, maple candies, maple butter, drizzle over fresh fruit
Canada #1 Medium Grade A Amber, Rich Taste The classic – rich in maple flavour but still smooth & sweet Pancakes, over ice cream, natural sweetener for coffee, cereal
Canada #2 Amber Grade A Dark, Robust Taste A heartier, stronger syrup for maple-flavour enthusiasts Sauces, glazes, candied nuts, pies, baking, homemade granola
Canada #3 Dark Grade A Very Dark, Strong Taste More like molasses with the most intense flavour Baking, baked beans, and for some consumers – pancakes and everyday use depending on tastes buds

And we wouldn’t be farmers if we didn’t bring up the topic of the weather. Remember how it was 16ºC on Christmas Eve?! The past two production seasons have been late to start due to cold weather throughout all of March. Who knows what this season will be like? A warm December and very mild January equals, like each year, an unpredictable season.

It’s back! Remember the sinfully, delicious maple product in our store called maple crunch? We discontinued it for a short time, but it’s now back. CocoMira, the company who produces the product, is purchasing the main ingredient from us again – our Grade A Very Dark, Strong Taste maple syrup.

And both the parrots and the petting zoo farm animals are back. We look forward to our spring maple weekends again (details on our Events page). The church hall will be a bustling place on Saturday mornings offering their usual pancake breakfast. And did you know that Main Street Restaurant (Merrickville), Rapid Valley Restaurant (Lansdowne), Georgian Dragon Pub (Brockville), and The Socialist Pig (Gananoque) all cook up a delicious breakfast year round served with Gibbons maple syrup? Enjoy!

Quick Riddle: Why is a baseball game like a pancake?

Answer can be found on our Recipe page. And that’s where you will also find our new recipe: Ricotta-Oat Bran Pancakes with Maple Blueberry Sauce – a twist on a breakfast classic. For those who love to cook, check out the new maple syrup cookbook posted on the Books page. Friendly reminder … once a container of maple syrup is opened, it needs to be stored in the refrigerator.

Wishing you a sweet spring!

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