A 360 degree panoramic view of Chaffeys Lock
taken from the inside the lock

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The best way to experience a lock is to go through one. The second best way is to view a 360 degree panorama from inside a lock

The dark portion of the lock walls and gates shows the amount of lift that will be experienced, in this case, 3.3 metres (10.7 feet). You can see the drop cables along the lock walls, boaters will loop ropes around these to keep their boat in position. Visible in the photo are the indentations in the original (1832) lockwall stones. These indentations are where the hooks from hand operated cranes were used to lift the blocks in position.

In this photo, the lockstaff have just closed the lower gates. The swing bridge remains closed since the boat in the lock is not large enough to require opening of the bridge. The lockstaff will then walk to the upper end of the lock and open up tunnel sluice valves, which will let water from the upper end (Indian Lake) into the lock. The lock will then fill up to the level of Indian Lake (3.3 metres higher than Opinion Lake at the lower end of the lock)

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