Loon Chicks
Mother Loon and Chicks
photo by: Ken Watson, 2001

This photo, taken in early September, shows two loon chicks that are about two and a half months old. They are getting close to adult size, but will not get the adult summer colouring until they return north in three years. When adult loons head south for the winter, they take on a plainer winter plumage.

The adult loons will generally head south in early October. The young loons will stay on the lakes until mid-November when they will head south to join the adults. In three years, a young loon will return to the lake on which it was born. The adults are very territorial and will not allow their chick to stay, and will geneally kick it off the lake. This forces the young to take up residence on a new lake and find a mate. This habit of the loons keeps the loon gene pool in good shape.

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