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Ottawa, August 14, 2000 Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Honourable Sheila Copps and Ontario's Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable John Snobelen, today announced a series of new Ontario designations within the system of Canadian Heritage Rivers. The designations are: the Rideau Waterway, the St. Marys River and the Thames River.

In announcing the designations, Ms. Copps stated, "The designation of these Canadian Heritage Rivers in Ontario is an outstanding example of federal/provincial co-operation. These waterways have played a vital role in our history. These Canadian Heritage Rivers designations provide Canadians with opportunity to understand and celebrate our national and cultural heritage and it is important that they be recognized and appreciated now and in the future."

"The Province of Ontario is pleased to play a role in the designation of these rivers," said Mr. Snobelen. The value and history of these waterways to the people of Ontario cannot be overlooked. Their formal recognition - a response to the grass roots support of local communities - is a tribute both to the rivers and the people who maintained their viability throughout the years."

The objective of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System is to foster conservation of outstanding examples of the major river environments of Canada in a cooperative system of Canadian Heritage Rivers, and to encourage public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of their cultural and natural heritage.

These designations bring to 37 the total of nominated rivers, of which 28 have been designated across Canada. There are currently six designated rivers in Ontario: the Humber, Grand, Mattawa, French, Boundary Waters and Bloodvein Rivers.

Rivers are put forward for nomination by their governing agencies. After a nomination has been accepted by the Canadian Heritage Rivers Board (CHRB), the nominating government has three years to submit a management plan. Development of management plans is based on public consultation and consensus building. Once a management plan has been tabled before the CHRB and formally accepted by the Minister of the nominating agency and the Minister of Canadian Heritage, the river is considered formally designated as a Canadian Heritage River.



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